This information is not given or intended to cause distress to, nor to offend anyone in any way. It is given as a warning and to make people aware how easy it is for people to befriend and mix among us while hiding their true intentions.

I have been prompted to forward this information to the swinging community due to recent events here at Partners concerning an individual who was a regular visitor and event organiser not only here at Partners but

at many clubs in the North West.

The information relates to a pen-drive that was accidentally left in a computer at the club after an event held here in December 2016. The person in question is David Dawson, also known as 'Dave the Butcher'              'Stan Fran Butcher' 'Dave Butcher' 'Stan Fran Disco' and along with his partner 'Extremely_Filthy'.


The contents of the pen-drive were very disturbing and after viewing I had no option other than to report my findings to the police. David Dawson was subsequently arrested and bailed pending further investigation. At this point I was requested by the police to not contact him in any way nor to post any information relating to the case on any social media outlet.


He eventually faced court on 28th December 2017 at Manchester Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to   6 charges of making and downloading images of child pornography and animal sex abuse, at this time he was further bailed for reports and sentencing to take place at Manchester Crown Court on 25th January 2018. At this court hearing he was given a 12 month prison sentence suspended for 2 years, he was put on the sex-offenders register for 10 years and he was ordered to to take part in a sex offenders rehabilitation programme.


There were many other very worrying aspects to what was on the pen-drive, one of these was the thousands of sexually graphic images of fab-swinger members/profiles, most of these profiles included full facial images as well as full profile information.


I personally contacted a number of these profiles to be told that not only had permission not been given for anyone to copy or download their personal profile images but they had no knowledge whatsoever of any of the profiles that David Dawson had used to obtain these images.


I also posted this same information on the swinging website that the images were taken from with the intention of warning users that due to this site having no age verification to becoming a member, it would be safer and wiser to not post facial images of themselves. For some reason the powers that be from this site decided to not allow it's members to have this knowledge and deleted the information the day it was published.


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